Thursday, June 5, 2008

Self Introduction

Hello. My name is Yap Yin Yee. I am a 20 year old (going to be 21 years old) girl who currently a final year student study at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman [Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting]. I’m from Seri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.

I can play some sport activities and the sport I like the most is table tennis. I had start playing this sport from and primary school until now. I have a chance to represent my school to play in some competitions. I have gain experience; meet new friends and new knowledge and skill about table tennis throughout the process.

Besides that, I also have a chance to try on an activity that I think not many people in Malaysia will do. It is horseback riding. I have start riding about 4 years ago. I usually ride on Saturday or Sunday at Akademi Equestrian Diraja Selangor. That was a lot of fun during the process. From a person who knows nothing about horses until now, I have gained some knowledge and skills in riding such as I can ride with better control and even playing games by riding a horse. Playing computer games, reading comics and drawings is my some other hobbies too.

The top 5 website that I like to visit are as follows:
This website helps me to find information for my assignment and news.
This website give me the information such as announcements, timetable and more about the university
This website let me upload some information about myself, photos that I want to share with my friends. Besides, it also helps me to know more about my friends.
This feature for this website is almost the same as the friendster. However, it contains more application. I also upload some information about myself, photos that I want to share with my friends. It also helps me to know more about my friends. Besides that, I have reconnected with some of my secondary school friends since I signup a facebook account.
The purpose for me to visit this website is to watch various drama and animation. I like this website because it refresh me on some drama that I watch long time ago.

Usually, I will chat with my friends or us even having discussion about the assignment.
I need various kinds of information in my assignment. Therefore, this search engine can search information and news that help me in my assignment. Besides that, I like to watch various kinds of drama (Hong Kong, Korean and Japanese). I also like to visit other people facebook or friendster profile when I free. Finally, I like to play games online. One of the games I play is Maple Story.