Saturday, June 7, 2008

.... little Noisy girl here....><

I was born in a peaceful night in year 1987 in Ipoh, Perak. My name is Chong Choi Voon, with a nickname called Hippy. I am now 21 years old, as a simple and happy girl. I am taking the course of Bachelor of Commerce(HONS) Accounting at University Tunku Abdul Rahman . I am a plain girl but my mind is vibrant. Thanks god that deliver a happy family to me, which is a biggest gift in my life from god. I was treated as the apple of my family’s eyes since childhood, that’s why I have the obligation to love my family more than anyone else. My friends always say I am a brilliant girl because I always bring happiness to the people around me.
I have a lot hobbies like travelling, swimming, shopping, reading newspapers and etc. Travelling is now my favorite hobby. By travelling, I can visit different places of interest; I can also learn about others state or country’s people and history. But I can’t always go travelling now as I am having university school life now. I had to spend more times on my studies so that I can pass with flying colors which will not disappoint my family. Cycling was my hobby before but now is not anymore. It is because I always get chased by dogs whenever I cycle. It made me hate cycling in my life already.
The top 5 websites I always search for are as follows:- -Visiting the, I can update with what is happening in Malaysia and other countries. -When I need to do research for my assignment or my studies, or to search for any new images or wallpaper to decorate my computer background. - While website is the place where I have my e-learning, and get the information that updated by the lecturer. - I love to watch drama, that’s why is important to me, without this website, I can’t download the movie that I want to watch. - I always go to visit the website of to check for the recent movie, so that I can have an enjoyable moment in the cinema during the weekend period with my friends.
I always set goals in my life, which is the right way that I want to walk along. I hope to pass with flying colors in my exam, hope to find a good job after I graduate, hope for bright future, to look for a beloved boy, to live happily together with my family and my friends in hostel. I hope that I can achieve all the goals that I set so that it will not just become only my dreams in my life.