Friday, June 6, 2008

~¦¦ RaCheL iN tHe hOusE! ¦¦~

I am feeling quite exited here and you know why? Well guys this is because finally I have my very first hand experience of writing a blog. Where should I start then? What about a mini ‘ice breaking’ session in here? Okay then, let’s start with my name, Rui qi or Rachel is what my fellow friends used to call me. I am 20 years old and currently pursuing my accounting degree in UTAR, Sg. Long. I would not say that I am just an ordinary girl because everybody is unique in terms of their own characteristics. For me, there are three words to describe myself pretty clearly: cute (means ugly but adorable), emotional and 80% introvert? I have no idea to that but this is the opinions from my friends so far.

What I usually do when I am home is what I enjoy the most. First, I love to watch movies (all kinds of movies) especially English series, Taiwanese drama, Korean and Japanese movies. Besides, cinema is my second frequent hang out place where I can watch the latest movies again(sigh,movies again!). Other than movies, listening to music is also one of my hobbies, I listen to music most of the time when I am home.

My internet activities are more to entertainment and connecting people. As for entertainment, I will update myself with the latest music, the coming-soon movies and some current issues. I also enjoy reading comics online and check mails. I connect with people around me through friendster and facebook because most of the youngsters nowadays have a friendster and facebook account. It is a really useful and convenient interface that connects us with people that is either close or far to us. Chatting on MSN is also part of my internet activities as I will on MSN whenever my computer is on. Interested to be my friend? Well feel free to add me anytime ^^.

msn/ friendster/ facebook email address:

The websites I visited the most:
My favourite search engine, I can search any information for my assignments, pictures and information.
This is my default homepage, normally I will scan through the titles for latest news.
This is the official website for my university, we can acquire a lot of useful resources here, most importantly for me is to check for term results (bear at own risk of getting heart attack in young age)
A useful internet tools where I can check my friends latest activities, pictures and messages.
A Hong Kong based forum where I can find the latest music and movies available overseas.