Saturday, June 7, 2008

Greetings to all!

My Name is Thong Chee Leng or you all can call me sherry...I'm studying in UTAR Sg Long, Major In Accounting. I came from Ipoh to study, it is so sad to leave all my family members in Ipoh, but it's a good thing as they support me all the way for my study. My family consists of both of my grandparents, my parents and my only sister which is super energetic. I have a very happy family, and i love my family very much. My hobby is to have a rest.. or easily we could say .. "sleep".. =p.
I love to make new friends from all over the world. That is the reason why i have joined a few community website, such as :
There, i got to know a lot of friends, talking to them when i'm sad,happy and so on. It is a good place to expand my network.
Besides sleeping and making new friends, i always spend my free time to online, and download all the latest movie and songs such as :
It is much more convenient and save me alot of money although it is illegal.

I enjoy sightseeing and traveling very much. My dream is to go and visit all the beautiful place all around the world with my love one. So far, i've went to Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Korea. Waiting for another semester break to have another meaningful holiday to Tokyo, the biggest city in Japan with my family. (>.<) . Japan is said to be a very beautiful place. I've made some research online, it says that Japan consist of over 3000 island making it an archipelago, which means a chain of island. I would love to visit Tokyo, as it is a very historical, beautiful, and because Shibuya, one of the fashion centers of Japan, particularly for young people is located in Tokyo. I have done all those research by search engine which i often visited, which is
That's all about me for now, if you would like to know more bout me, do add me in one of those community website. see you soon!!.. MuAckzz(^@^)