Saturday, July 5, 2008

Review on a local e-commerce site

I think many people like to have movies in the cinema. Of course I won’t be exempted from that also as I love movies very much especially during the time enjoying the show with boy friend in the cinema. With a local e-commerce website of Tanjung Golden Village (TGV) which known as, I think many people also familiar with this, this website really make more people feel much more convenient when they want to have a movie in the cinema.

This is a website which people can look for the movie they like and prefer to watch for so that they can enjoy the show with their lovers or friends during their free time. People can have an earlier booking for ticket so that the ticket won’t out of sold when they want to buy at the ticket counter. Nowadays, all people are busy working from day to night while the teenagers are busy studying all the days, they have no free time to queue up earlier at the counter to buy for the tickets. They now just need to surf the website of TGV cinema, then they can have a look for the venue, date and show time for the movie they want and to have a booking through the internet (E-ticketing). By the way, of cause they also can read for the synopsis for every movie that had shown in the cinema. These have saved a lot of people time and energy because every step are becoming easier and easier already.

There is a column in the website where the management of the TGV cinema prepares for the customer to fill in. Just by a easy click, customer can click in to fill in their feedback so that the company can know more about the customer satisfaction. On top of that, there is column of privacy policy. This privacy policy is prepared by the management department of the company to all the people who have movie in cinema. This privacy is all mention about the rules and policy which people need to follow when they go in to the cinema.


  1. Boss said...

    haha..really suitable for those who like watch movie in cinema... well present to visitor

  2. Anonymous said...

    I thought E-ticketing only available in GSC website? TGV got E-reservation only if not mistaken...=P

  3. Anonymous said...

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  4. Anonymous said...

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