Thursday, July 3, 2008

Corporate Blogging : A new marketing communication tool for companies

A Corporate blog is published and used by an organization to reach its organizational goals. The corporate blog helps the organizations

  • A tool that helps the organization fulfill a business goal

  • A useful extension of the company image in the marketplace

  • An opportunity to open a two-way channel between employees and customers

One of the examples of the corporate blog is Dell. The implementation has made it easier for customers to know what they are getting, proposed changes for the Dell site, improve the outlet site.


  • Blogs have one publisher who controls what is published on the blog

  • Comments from readers can be pre-screened and even blocked (i.e. not published) if they are deemed inappropriate

  • Good blogs have a distinctive voice and personality

  • That voice tends to make good reading and to invite a real "conversation" with reader

  • A blog gathers steam, gains traction and can get better and richer over time

  • Blog entries are easily searchable (by date and category/topic)

  • Individual blog posts are findable on Google (each has its own unique URL)

  • RSS (i.e. a Web feed) is a highly efficient way to read updates to a blog

  • Blogs don't require registration and logging in (a stumbling block - or an irritant - for some users)

  • Blogs can host other (compelling) forms of social media, including video clips and podcasts


  • Blogs can make company problems public

  • Lose control your company's message

  • Company to lose valuable customers - Misleading advertisement

  • No confidentiality - A third party’s trade secrets may be accidentally disclosed, breaching a confidentiality agreement, which could be costly and could affect a company’s reputation

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  1. Dunz said...

    I think it is a good way in marketing since internet is widely used nowadays.