Thursday, July 3, 2008

A review on a post on Legal from My E-Commerce blog

The post reviews is "UK to get tough with illegal downloader". Downloading pirate software is against the law but to ban someone from having Internet access may not be a good idea.

First of all, in order to enforce this, ISPs have to spend huge amounts on new technologies. After the estimated 6 million people have been caught and banned from using the net the prices rise once again resulting from the loss of customers.

Besides that, it would also impact their business in other ways. Many ISPs currently market their more-expensive internet accounts to file-sharers on the basis of 'unlimited' monthly usage. If illegal file-sharing is to be stopped by these methods, then home users may only require cheap low-use internet accounts. Moreover, if the ISP makes a false accusation and pulls the connection of an innocent person, the ISP will eventually bear the legal costs.

Furthermore, people may choose to live without the product but not to buy the hardcopy. Therefore, the entertainment industries still going to lose their revenue if it being implemented.

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  1. KLzhai said...

    I think we should have the awareness of intellectual property rights.